It’s a Wrap!

Bittersweet–back in Dallas, but missing Italy already. I started with an espresso. The closest thing to a good Italian coffee is La Duni on my way in to work. Close, but…
I’ll barely have time to miss my favorite spot and the people I love over there. Donald’s welcome cocktail party at Nest is tonight, there a grand stack of invitations and whatnot sitting on my desk, a message light flashing, and my inbox, not checked since yesterday morning, is threatening over 450 emails. Yikes.
But–I have a few highlights that it would be a shame not to share:
A Friday night sagra with David, Robbie, and Jonathan–featuring a concert by Passogigante (formerly Plebs). These amazingly talented guys are past fantastic to watch live. Check out a video of them on YouTube. I’m so impressed by the amount of talent they have & hope to see a lot more of them.
A new hotel in Rome–a place I’ll be staying again! Alessandro found this freshly renovated hotel called Pallazzo al Velabro. I hesitantly add the link for the site, because the hotel is completely renovated with a gorgeous modern edge, which isn’t reflected at all in the photos of the site. But the contact information, I assume is.
I was the first person to stay in my incredible room. I can think of about 2 other artists that I know can relate to this concept, but (I don’t know any other way to explain this) poorly designed hotels can be visually taxing. There, I said it.
This place was nothing but calming clean lines and a fresh color palette. A perfect place to settle into for a couple of transitional days before the storm of Dallas work life and party season beckons. Love this place!

Another moment to savor was a calming run in Portovenere to the old castle, just at sunset. The view was incredible.

The greatest highlights, of course–the people. Our walks to gelato in the piazza and our unbeatable dinners at the apartment, made the work trip a bit more personal, and a lot more memorable.
alessandro, our favorite driver
gelato time

lauren looking fabuloso

lauren and david making pasta al pepperoncino

donald and heather waiting to be served


dahling–you look mahvelous!

donald and lauren learning to make alessandro’s incredible pasta sauce

lauren , donald, and david strike a pose

buon appetito!

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