The New Deal

It’s all about budgets, saving, strategizing, and balance. Actually, I think this is good, and I’m glad I’m learning it the hard(er) way now, instead of later. Previous years the drill was pre-show shopping. New looks for the season to accompany me to the buying shows & the little travel I try to squeeze in. The travel wasn’t extravagant, but it was definitely comfortable. This year, there’s a new deal. Like it or not, it’s time to learn frugality and absorb a little wisdom from a more experienced generation–who is looking at mine with a bit of a now-they’ll-learn smirk. So, no pre-travel shopping trip. The only thing I bought was shampoo.

Oh, the other thing. The trip isn’t just for buying for Nest. It’s the Bell’Invito debut into the New York International Gift Fair, followed by the International debut of the line in Milan. No pressure.
Day One: This will be interesting.
I made the decision to cut some cost by renting an apartment in NYC instead of putting 4 people in hotel rooms. The main space of our nearly 4,000ft loft looked really cool in the photos. The bedroom/bath situation…well…I’m not posting the pictures. I’ll just leave you with an illusion of how groovy we are up here in a big loft in the the big apple.
There are 7 beds & 3 baths. The full kitchen will save us a lot, too. We’re thinking about using the main space to host a small cocktail party one night for our clients and friends here in NY.
My first thought on seeing the place was, “but they have to walk past the bedrooms and see how we’ll be living in here.”
It’s really not so bad. Think european hostel circa 1983. Think of the money we saved!
And The Real World-Bell’Invito begins, Day 1.

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