Day 2: Tired already?

Days 2. Sore Throat. Not good.

In spite of that, it was a great day. Dr. Hughes recommends neproxin(sp?) for this. First stop tomorrow: Duane Reade.

Yesterday, I met with a Real Simple editor in the morning, a great store in the afternoon – I’ll toss out that name when the deal is sealed – and Luigi, a market editor for Paper magazine in NY–a fun and, no doubt, talented guy.

Lunch was a quick stop at Bread in nolita: Goat cheese, mushroom and red pepper on cibatta with a cup of tomato soup. Can’t go wrong. Then meetings, catch up work, and off to a decent dinner. We found a little place that looked palatable called Lulu’s. After chatting with the waitress, we learned it was owned by the same family as Bread. So good! We opted to do cocktails and tapas. Beef tartar, salmon tartar, and risotto fritters.Lulu's Cafe Nolita fare

Next stop, Dumbo Park. 2 of Lauren’s high school girlfriends are in the city, so I played 3rd wheel and met up with them. Thankfully not too third wheel, there was a whole group of twenty-somethings. Fun group. Her friend, Victoria, is an up and coming photographer. I like her portraits. Check out her work:

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