Day 3: Excursions, Eccentrics & Exhaustion

The sweet part of the day was a (semi)quick stop to Melissa’s Mini-cupcake window on Spring Street. These things are 2 little bites of heaven. Worth standing in the rain. Worth every single stinkin’ minute of it.
This was our little box of 6 (for 2 people) before we reached the curb, as usual.

Later…It took 30 blocks and about 1.5 hours to find a hardware store that was open & had what I needed. Lauren, Chris, Donald and I finished the booth for Bell’Invito. I’ve been back to my-now-favorite hardware store in all on NY, maybe anywhere, twice now. The Russian elderly couple who own it have to be the craziest, nicest people I’ve met lately. He even let me borrow his very cool stapler for a week. Made my day. Said he trusted me to bring it back & wouldn’t let me buy it. Amazing.

Donald hit the Piers and the Handmade section of the show to scour for fresh product for the fall buy at Nest. In short, we’re all spent. Lots of cool stuff. I’ll snap some pics tomorrow and post. Did dinner at Max last night and are heading to Rocking Horse tonight. Then about 4 more hours of work before turning in and rising early tomorrow & returning to the show. Wish us luck!

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