Easing Into It

There is a load of easels to be dealt with this morning. I had to make a hard decision yesterday that has my stomach in a knot today. There should be packaging boxes here, but they’re late – making a salary’s worth of orders late out the door. Our 2010 Zodiac collection is running nearly a month behind delivering. Good times.

It’s time to choose the tunes with a bit of intent, put on the kettle and make it a better day. There are happy people here. Good energy is never to be underestimated.
…and late or not, the collection looks amazing. Ok, I can do this…


  1. Heather Wiese-Alexander says:

    hi! ok – you know me well, so it is no surprise that I'm not organized enough to schlep a camera! :) It's my iPhone. Doesn't do so well in the dark, but if the light is decent, it works great.

  2. Heather, what kind of camera do you have? These photos look so crisp and clean, and I'm in the market for a new cam.

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