Southern Comfort

Good food, good wine, good friends=the perfect excuse to fly back into Dallas
before the work in New York was officially finished. No worries, I’ll be back soon enough. For now, it’s time to live it up for Tracey’s birthday.
Taking a moment to look down the table, I see laughing faces, clinking glasses, friends bidding friends to try wonderful dishes–its the kind of evening that is as relaxing as it is festive.

For starters, David Denney, Tracey’s husband, my friend, attorney and fellow foodie, has made a career of knowing the Dallas dining scene. Literally – he’s a food and beverage attorney.
Foodies, he’s the guy to rove the dining scene with.
Second, there’s not much that can get me moving 20 minutes north of town when there’s still a handful of devilish dinners in Dallas I have barely enough time to try. Former Abacus Executive Chef, and Top Chef finalist, Tre Wilcox, at his new diggs in Plano, Loft 610, was worth the journey. Not only is Tre serving up goodness, he knows what it takes to please. Loft 610’s Events Manager, Nomi Marcus, is also a transplant from Abacus. As is Chef Jermaine, and a small handful of his best servers. The winning combination? This team knows the added value of The Experience. We enjoyed red carpet treatment all night as we tasted, toasted and toured the new place.
No sooner than I had settled in, post greetings, a plate of beef carpaccio arrived to my seat. My absolute favorite-Tre and Jermaine know how to make it.
Ok, yes. I’ll be making the drive back.
Time to sink back into the scenery and enjoy people watching for awhile. We’ll make a night of memories, and we’ll post Facebook pictures.
Conversations will range from consoling to conspiring.
By the end of the celebrating, we’ll all be glad we have each other
and a glass of water next to the bed.
Happy Birthday, Tracey!

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