Papers and People and Puppies, Oh My!

I’m not sure exactly how this blog will go. It’s as much of an experiment for me as it is a resource (and I use that term a bit lightly) for anyone else with a small business. I started the blog on Sunday of this week. Since then, the job I started 4 years ago–so that I could have an abundance of travel and creative time–has kept me at my office literally 14-16 hours a day every day this week. Ugh.

Tonight, as much as I need an outlet to vent about ridiculous people and the few wonderful humans who keep me sane through dealings with the rest. I’m too tired.
The rant: in short, I desperately need to replace our office manager. Her last day is tomorrow, and she’s mentally quite checked out. 70% of our staff has invested in completing the most important job to date, while the other 30 has apparently decided that the job will be someone else’s problem to finish. How should I deal with this? I resent having to address it, but it’s a simple fact of the position I took in, I suppose.
Meanwhile, it’s almost midnight. I’ve got a german shepherd puppy desperate for a little attention, that I think she deserves for being neglected all week. My husband’s cousin’s son is here for a few days. I’ve got about 20 emails that will have to wait until tomorrow and a collection debut in NY, and then Milan in a week and a half.
Oh, and then there’s that other company. Thank goodness Donald is so stinking good at his job. Lifesaver. Thank you , Lord.
Goodnight people. My tivo-ed Criminal Minds is waiting to put me to sleep.

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