Monday Menagerie: Canopy Chair

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I'm tempted to try this spinning thing. Maybe working out early is easier if you at least have a machine propping you up. The clincher was hearing someone say, "...she has a biker body, you know, no hips..." (unfortunately, in reference to someone else). What? I thought I was stuck with these babies. Nothing has ever quite whittled down my German hips, but lately, several More please

Beloved Chloe

Our homeowners (also business owners & friends) lost their beloved Chloe this month. Chloe was a great and loyal dog, full of vim and vigor. Once she got to know you she was a friend for life! Take a look at sweet Chloe in our photo shoot for Nest Interior Design. She will definitely be missed! Thinking of you, Heather & Scott!photo by Kevin Dotolo More please

Tub Sweet Tub

How I've missed you! More please

30,000 feet

Sporadically reading my Italian Elle Decor. Baroque + Classic Contemporary still wins. Ahhh, to have the space. I just paid six bucks for cheese, crackers and a box of raisins. I don't even eat raisins. My husband says they make you...wait this is public. You'll just have to find out over a dinner sometime. Yep-I'm in coach. With my knees up to my chest. More please