A Squirrel, a President, a Diva, and a Pig

They don’t have much in common, except marking moments of distraction from an otherwise non-stop work trip.

Lauren, Alison, Anna and I began the day with breakfast in the newly reopened Palm Court at The Plaza. After strategy over an omelet, we moved along to meet with an editor at the hip new Lonny Mag. Watch for it-you’ll be hooked.

More hours of conference calls & returnig emails, then another meeting at Real Simple.

Famished by 3:30, we opted for tea at Robert at the top of the design museum in Colombus Circle overlooking a vast tree-top landscape of Central Park.

I just have to be clear about something: I love tea service. I don’t know why. It’s as relating as an aperitvo and much healthier.

On to errand running ad last minute grabbing of a few things i forgot-like cool, rainy weather clothes. So without changing from stilettos to flats, we took off for uptown. A huge mistake. Apparently a Presidential arrival royally jacks with ones ability to get from point A to point B using the shortest route. So five extra city blocks and some very sore feet later, the tasks were complete and I was fully educated on which groups didn’t like Obama for whatever reason. At least, as educated as one can be from slogan posters and phrase chanting. But, maybe now as informed at at least half of those in protest.

Next order of business. This fat little guy-munching of his find. May have made my day.

Finally, the great part. We caught the last showing of Tosca at the Met for the season, promptly shed te opera clothes for jeans and comfy shoes, and headed for The Spotted Pig.

It’s now 3am, and I’m going to forgo the spelling/typo/editing for now. A full Friday awaits, and some insanely high thread-count is calling my name.

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