Friday Already?

We shot out of the gate this week with thundering fury. I can hardly remember what kept me so busy…oh wait, now I remember. But, if I tell you I’d have to kill you. Enough exciting things are going on to pass the time, at least.
Wednesday night, the 3 artists and stars of last night’s opening, finally arrived after a long, touch-and-go few days of trying to get overseas amidst a huge airline debacle. We found solace in a casual dinner at Lee Harvey’s. I love that place.
Yesterday we scrambled to quickly hang art for a show (link to come) that should have taken us a couple of days to hang and document. Thankfully, it was hit! The show was wonderful. The art is amazing–pictures to come. The house was full for the whole 2 hours, plus an extra one.
Ready to unwind, we hit Sangria’s for dinner, and then the roof of The Quarter for an after-dinner drink.
All in all– ahhhhhh. The show’s over and the gallery is full of beautiful art. And some wonderful Italian artists have promised to cook me dinner at my house tomorrow night.
(yep – be very jealous!)
Time to complete design launch for May in New York.

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