Just One

It’s not smart to walk into Eatzi’s hungry. But there I was, in the thick of multi-tasking to the sounds of Mozart. “Did you just walk in Eatzi’s?” asked the voice glued to my ear. I laughed out a rhetorical, “how’d you know?” just as I swiped some obscenely delicious spread and prepped a cracker for consumption.

We finished the call and I bypassed my usual salad line for the grill. I couldn’t decide on just 2 veggies (there was mac-n-cheese to be had) to I opted for a third. Loaded up, I grabbed my water and hit the cashier. Where I’m really going with this is here: the guy half my stature gives me a sly glance and says, “do you need one set of utensils or two?”
“One, you little smartass.” thankfully stayed politely inside my head. I just smiled and said, “One’s perfect, ” then continued my mental lecture, “….it’s just one extra vegetable! I’m hungry…..and, and I SPIN! Or at least I’m supposed to. Tonight. I’m sure I’ll make it–because I didn’t wash my hair…”
Men! Especially little ones.

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