Playing at Work, II

Work days have been long, but rewarding. In addition, the nights have been one treat after another. Half way through the trip, more than a few treats are worth mentioning.
Leave it to Lauren to find the best dining for our dollar–much appreciated.
Donald, Lauren and I took advantage of Restaurant Week at Le Cirque. Three people, 3 courses each & a bottle of prosecco, all under $200. That includes the 20+% tip.
Additionally, a couple evenings of entertainment didn’t disappoint.
My second time to see Next to Normal was possibly even better than the first.
The performances seemed more energized.
My initial dismay at the little slip of paper in my Playbill stating, “…tonight the role of Diana…”
What? No Alice Ripley? Whine……!
Enter understudy Jessica Phillips, who’s amazing performance
was instantly magnetic. One song in, I had forgotten my annoyance (I had been talking up the play to the 5 friends in company) and was settled into be entertained, even moved.
Jessica Phillips, u/s to Alice Ripley, playing Diana Goodman .
The next evening’s hot tickets were for A Little Night Music starring Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
The star-studed cast is worth the see.
On non-broadway evenings, Ze Cafe and Robert have been all the temptation I need to toss control aside and take on a savor the moment mentality.
Ze Cafe
Luckily, Equinox is a mere 5 blocks away. Sadly, that might not be close enough…

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