Pressed For Time

Pardon the pun-sort of. The presses have been hopping. I’ve been deigning non-stop, it seems.

A Mother’s Day weekend with my mom in Houston broke up a two week long crunch-time fury of work, fund-raising obligations, putting out small fires, and fielding the usual randomness that I never cease to be surprised by.

Not kidding-one day I’m swear I’m going to start a list of the weird interruptions that happen on a daily basis. From unexpected offers for press and exposure (usually… welcome) to someone in a chicken suit walking in to sing happy birthday. It all happens, and yet I still am somehow surprised.

So many cool things have happened in the past few weeks. I’m looking forward to writing them down. For now-just this: Lauren and I are in NYC. Krystal and Beth will be joining us soon. In spite of the impending mountain of work-we’ve sworn to bowl in Brooklyn at least one night…and to thoroughly enjoy our fantastic hotel suite that we are enjoying because of some very wonderful people.

Night y’all. I’m spent.

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  1. Fun to see a pic of your lil sis! Haven't seen her in AGES!

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