I’m tempted to try this spinning thing. Maybe working out early is easier if you at least have a machine propping you up. The clincher was hearing someone say, “…she has a biker body, you know, no hips…” (unfortunately, in reference to someone else).
What? I thought I was stuck with these babies. Nothing has ever quite whittled down my German hips, but lately, several people have unknowingly dangled a little carrot of hope just long enough to get the wheels turning. Spinning.

Ok, so my gym spin class choices are 6am or 6pm. In fact, all the morning classes are either 6 or 9, and I REALLY wanted to do mornings (it’s all about the hair washing convenience). But 6 or 9? My religion is extemely anti-alarm clock. If the sun isn’t awake, I shouldn’t be either, but 9am is too late for a working girl-my company or not. All to often, at 5:30 pm I’ve just hit a stride. Stopping is unproductive, even if it’s just an hour early.

6am, huh? What kind of crazy, fanatical morning people might I have to deal with? I’m not sure about this…but I will be sitting, right?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Spin class is the best, but you will get bigger thighs. Not exactly feminine, but who doesnt like a little extra thigh?

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