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A losing battle with the grass.
Field Turf
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Tom Massey
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I’ve discovered paradise in the most unlikely form. I call it Frass. Hear me out…
I bought my house based on 3 criteria.
1–proximity to a plaza
I like to walk & wanted somewhere I can stroll for coffee, dinner, etc.
2–character & age
Call me crazy, but when my husband and contractor looked at me 6 months into the remodel and said, “you know, it would be a lot cheaper to just tear this house down and start over…” I nearly fired both of them. On the spot.
Character & experience can’t be created overnight!
3–the yard
I have a lovely deep lot with this perfect patch of grass leading to a greenhouse that I’ve made into an outdoor dining room of sorts. The problem? These huge gorgeous trees and 2 german shepherds are not friends to grass.
You see where this is going, but this is the main point: I don’t do fake. It is moral issue–or something…I’m allergic to fake flowers. Knock-offs are forbidden (I’ve made one exception and it haunts me to this day). If it looks like a rock, it should be a rock. If it looks like Jonathan Adler, it should be made my them, if they have red soles…you get my drift.
Circle back to the exception–and here’s what sold me. My lovely patch of backyard, including my precious pooches and hand-scraped hardwood floors were constantly a muddy mess.
Despite re-sodding year after year, the rains came down, and the inviting shade had a death grip on the majority of my lawn. Enter my friend Jeremy.
Jeremy is a dear friend in landscaping. He’s not just your run-of the mill–everything he touches turns one of 2 colors: green or gold. He’s the go to for the best known names in commercial property because he’s that good. I’ve had the fortune to be able to bend his ear for little things: Jeremy, my trees need trimming. Jeremy, what flowers will grow in this spot? Jeremy, I really want hydrangeas, where can I put them in my yard? He humors my little requests & is right every time. But then he and his wife recommended putting in turf in my backyard. What-the–? DO you even know me? No.
Rain, more rain, mud and 2 months of research later, I started bending to the concept.
The recycled material caught my attention. The eco-friendly aspect of not having to water kept my attention. And, frankly, the promise of no more mud being tracked into the house was the best aspect of all. So I embraced the idea, and it didn’t let me down. I haven’t found a single regret. It looks gorgeous. I’ve had several people literally get on their knees before they believed it was fake (ugh, the word still makes me cringe). “Turf” doesn’t sound much better. It sounds like something you roll out from home-depot for your kid’s playhouse. “Fake Grass” – too harsh. Frass, I can live with. And I love it!!
I kid you not, it’s changed my world!


  1. Love the name and the look!

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