What’s New at NEST

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Actually Miss Andrews, these are a few of my favorite things right now at Nest!

[All Alexis Bittar at Nest]

I love these pieces by Alexis Bittar. He perfectly combines whimsy and cool with a delicate mixture of crystals, gunmetals and gold, along with a few nods to his inspiration of the season (and one of my favorite authors), Lewis Caroll. Bunny chic has reached perfection in these earrings!

[21 Drops Aromatherapy blends, $29 at Nest]

Talk about retail therapy, when I need some zen, I always find that 21 Drops gives me some much-needed quiet time.

[Jasper+Black Archie Grand Notebooks, $11 at Nest]

Donald Fowler, our buyer and manager extraordinaire, can definitely read ME like an open book. I can not wait to stock up on these clever notebooks from Jasper + Black. The perfect size to toss in your purse for impromptu sketches, thoughts or lists when you are on the go!

What’s your favorite new finds at Nest? Let me know what you love and write often…



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