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We Wieses are serious about our games. It’s the only time my sweet Mom transforms into a ruthless, cutthroat banshee (watch out for that woman). And between she and my father with their roaming games of canasta and gin, I’m nearly positive there is a worldwide traveling sub-culture revolving around these two card games that, by comparison, make certain Colombian cartels appear simply, misunderstood.

This weekend, I put work on hold for a few much needed gaming diversions, and found myself falling back into the hallowed teachings of my parents: do not lose. In spite of my cheetah focus, I noticed a tasteful array of some very fun, simple (and stylish) games I love. I hope you will be inspired.

The art director in me loves these clean helvetica playing cards, but is happy-chic is more your taste, Jonathan Adler hues and patterns make a perfect game-night accessory. Snatch up 2 decks and you are ready for a heated game of canasta. If you’ve never played, here are the rules.

We also love the dominos! I learned to play Mexican Train–where else? Mexico. It’s easy & fast & leaves plenty of brain cells for good conversation.
If you haven’t played, the rules are easy. If you lack cute dominos, by all means….let me help you!

Last for this post–last year a game came into my life and it’s like a new best friend.
BLOKUS. I was introduced to the awesomeness of Blokus by a mutual friend of our lovely buyer and manager at Nest—Donald Fowler.
Nick, who brought the game and a fantastic bottle of Malbec, was only allowed to destroy us the first round. I assure you we put up a good fight. The rest is history. Give me 4 friends, this simple Mattel board game and a good bottle of vino and game night is officially off to a memorable start.


Blokus has won several awards, including the Mensa Select and the 2004 Teacher’s Choice Award, but don’t let that discourage you. Wine + Blokus = Perfection. Trust me. It’s less heady than Scrabble and more strategic than Sorry (my childhood favorite). Perfect for a chill, unwind night.
And if you need a distraction from your Angry Birds, hone your skills on the Blokus app, downloadable to your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

Play with integrity and write often, my friends!




  1. Ramona Hite says:


    If you haven’t played, “Chit Chat” ~ you’re missing out on a great game!


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