Being Present

We all love gifts. It isn’t as much about the “stuff” as it is about the thought. The idea of someone being somewhere and picking up a little something that makes them think of you.

 Growing up in the South, we used the word “sercy” when referring to a small, thoughtful, unexpected gift. Due to the various spellings- “circe”, “circi”, “surcy”, “cercy”, “sussy”- the technical definition is not easily tracked.

Anecdotally, most agree that the term comes from the French word “souci” which can mean a thought or care. My favorite thing about giving a sercy is that it is never meant to be reciprocated.

Books make a great sercy. Here are a few that I have given some of my favorite people recently!

All items above are available at Nest

Go forth and get your sercy on! (and write often)




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