Weekend Wrap-up: 10 Things to Revisit

Some weekends are so good, you just have to talk about it. And then enlist the Shampoo Philosophy: Rinse, lather, repeat.
On a rare low-key weekend, I’ve soaked up some good stuff.

In true Heather fashion, things must be organized (except for my desk), including this list of ten things sought after, doted over, and appreciated this weekend in some fashion. First order of action, and #10 on my list: SEEK OUT Fan Bing Bing’s stylist. Kidnap, brainwash and make that dress-bearing diva-maker mine….all mine!

(but I’d settle for just getting one of these hand-me-downs to wear to the opening night of The Magic Flute at the Winspear. Plenty of time to plan.) 

Number nine is something I just really want to do! Toss that email in the ocean & hit it-full throttle–in true fashionista form.
Eva, when you need that job-swap day, I’m here for you.

I’m sincerely hoping these will walk their way into my closet.

You know who you are. You know what we did & I love you!
Places we hit: Komali, Eno’s,The Mansion, Gloria’s Uptown, my patio & the University Park basket ball courts & the Katy Trail.

I’m picturing myself on my Townie chasing this ice cream truck. Honestly, it could happen.
Anyone ready to join me in petitioning this food truck of scrumptiousness to head toward Big D?
C’mon – NYC is too grumpy, L.A. too skinny (do they really eat ice cream there?) and Austin – well ok, good call. But I still think you’d be well served to bring your happy little truck singing down Dragon street. Lemme know if you want directions.
{ eatcoolhaus.com }

Redone right. The neighborhood, family theater is a cozy place to catch a mellow movie, sans the screamers that seem to flock to the megaplexes.
Yay for cushy seats. Yay for an upgraded snack bar with real food (and the “real bar” around the corner. Yay for Marquee Grill next door, and Yay for any excuse to window shop/stalk the red soles in Louboutin.

These comfy Tom’s shoes actually did find their way into my closet. After weeks of shoe-envy over our studio manager, Leigh’s, cute gray version, I finally snatched up these great red Tom’s wedges. And of course, prepped their debut with a pedi chaser.

Big Brother–(um….) N.O.
Amazing Race–not so much.

H-e-l-l-oooo Take the Money and Run.
While my first suspicion is the players are goofy and the premiss is flawed, the mere lingering thought, “I could SO do that”
called me to watch the full episode, and
{wait for it}

add it to my TiVo.
There. Admission.
Moving on.

No links. No tweets. No updates.
Just disconnected time in a book, an old photo album, a morning of meditation, and cleaning out a cupboard or two.
And i may have been smiling through every minute of it.

 Fall destinations looking like fun! Need I say more?

Happy Monday! Let’s get some cool things started.

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  1. OMG! Toms makes heels!!

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