Blended from sandalwood wood oil, palmarosa grass oil, rose flower oil and frankincense resin oil to ground, support and balance. The oils in this blend work with the limbic system to help stabilize things. They relax the nerves, steady the heart and calm the mind. This blend is about easing fluctuating moods and bringing you back to center.

Frankie Says Relax.

Now you can achieve instant calm with Equalize by 21 Drops. Blended from sandalwood, palmarosa grass, rose flower oils and frankincense, 21 Drops has created an essential oil blend that will have you tossing your Xanax aside in favor of this homeopathic miracle. Priced at $29 at Nest.

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  1. ahhh, finally a way to ease into my Mondays…and Tuesdays…and Wednesdays…

  2. Very cool– I could definitely use one of these little bottles at my desk at work. Especially on a hectic Friday like today!

  3. This could be useful in so many ways! The roadways could be so much safer. Goodbye road rage!

  4. This would be great for flying – I could put Xanax out of business! Haha (I have a serious fear of flying, it’s definitely something I do that I am NEVER calm for!)

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