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Happy Sunday! Our giveaway picks up at 10am tomorrow with a great new item, and of course, the lucky winner of Friday’s giveaway.

In the meantime, a goodie Donald and I ran across on a scour for great things to bring back to Nest.  These necklaces are fashioned by a husband and wife design collaborative in Jerusalem.I love the concept. The necklace comes in a simple cardboard box. Its new owner gets the satisfaction of breaking the outward facing halves apart to reveal the chain that reconnects the ends to reveal a, clasped together with magnets.

Not to mention, it’s adorable on. Perfect birthday gift!
–but who needs an occasion!

I love it, and I’d love to know what you think!

and, of course
write often,




  1. Julia Stewart says:

    Oh, oh, oh – just saw that it’s $115. A little bit under, but pretty close. :)

  2. Julia Stewart says:

    I would like to see this in person – it’s very sweet. Right now from the website, I’m thinking the necklace is in the $100 range – hard to tell. Maybe in person it has a more expensive look. Love the whimsy.

  3. Laura Garner says:

    Cutest necklace I’ve seen in a while. Such a creative idea to “break in” your jewelry. I would love to see what else this team does!

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