Maison Moment


We may be thoroughly worn out, and obnoxiously overstimulated. Maybe. We are so tired we have  the giggles. It is not helping that our Asian driver, who may have been separated at birth from her twin, Fran Drescher is and wooing us between phone calls and Parisian sirens with Garth Brooks on the radio. But we have some swoon-worthy finds, a few great trends swirling More please

Oui Oui


Could I already be having hot flashes? No, I just over packed. I forget I usually travel tandem, which means sharing a cart--not as much schlepping. Flying solo, I just went right ahead and schlepped. I know maybe 2 words in French, so armed with the hotel's address on my iPhone screen I head for the taxi line. A very kind taxi driver understood what I said. No show and More please

Coming Up: A Sparkly Gilt City New York Tip


We signed the dotted line today. Bell'Invito lovers, Gilt City New York has access to a few select packages for half off the regular price. 2 of the selected suites include a private consultation in NYC with me, in my penthouse suite, with as much bubbly as you can partake in an hour (...or so...) Details soon on the sale date. The consultation date available is February More please

So, This is New…


I'm trying out my new online diary tonight. Its my first locked entry :) Something about unloading online, yet not exactly openly is kind of wonderful. I can talk about things coming up, things that really happened–quite honestly, you might be bored, but I'm chalking it up to cheaper therapy, and a place to let anyone who wants to listen, be a sounding board of More please

Resolution No. One: Made in the U.S.A.


I thought about publishing the resolution list, but in reality this year I wanted to do 2 things: keep it simple and focus on living it instead of letting the idea pass. So here we just past half way to February, and I found myself face to face with keeping my first resolution: buying more made in the U.S.A. My closet clean-out is in February, and I'm wanting a few More please