21 Drops to Soothe What Ails You

My mom took me to an Iridologist when I was nine. The highly controversial technique nailed a few ailments that my doctors had been missing. Armed with the information from our “witch doctor,” that was my dad’s term for her, we asked the western medical experts to broaden their search to include some things she found. Sure enough, she was right, and I was on my way to a bit of “east-meets-west” healing. I have been a cautious believer ever since. Segue to today. One perk of owning a lifestyle store is getting to share a few things that make my own Give-&-Take-Home lists. Donald found these essential oils, called 21 Drops and I, loving a little homeo-remedy in pretty packaging, happily took some home, and gave a few as gifts. See what a great team we are!

Nothing thrill me more than a someone else loving what I love.
Read Raya Ramsey’s take on D Shoptalk. And pick up something to soothe what ails you–or someone who needs a little lift.

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My favorites

drop in and pick up a vile or two! Let me know what your favorites are.

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