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This morning I look like a pufferfish.

But it was totally worth it.

Every time I go to Paris I return to one destination: George V for caviar and champagne.
Predictable and indulgent sounding–um, yes. So?

Frankly I’m not a fan of Paris. I go. I work. I get myself on the first train to Italy.
But sitting in La Galerie, watching the people walk through, sipping champagne, pilling little dollops of beluga on whipped creme fraiche with micro diced onions, all while sorting through the day’s lists and ideas–that is what everyone seems to think we do all the time–so that is exactly what I do. At least once.

George is my little glam moment.

Where is that in Dallas? Hard to believe that the great restaurants in Dallas aren’t serving a traditional caviar–ever. Really?

I’ve coyly (ok, maybe directly–even insistently) suggested to a few of my favorite chefs,
that they offer a beautiful caviar and set up. A return borage of, “no one here will buy that,” “Dallas isn’t sophisticated enough,”it’s too expensive and the spoilage would be too high,” was mostly what I heard.


I get a general email blast. One of my local haunts has a caviar appeziter on the menu.
I’m there. So happy!!
The caviar was served on the warm blini with a dollop of creme fraiche. Good start, but the creme was so warmed by the blini that it was melting and the caviar was warm and compromised.


Me to Tre Wilcox:
You could do this right. Just try serving it.

Tre to me:
Too expensive. Spoilage. blah blah (good point, I know…)

Me to Tre:
Serve on a reservation only basis. Dress it up. Make it special and hard to come by. After all,
it actually is special and hard to come by.

Tre to me:
Good point

 Fastforward …(last time)

Last night I walk in Marquee with my friends. Catching up. Good times.
Out comes Tre with (you are ahead of me, I know)
about, what 4 maybe 6 oz. of caviar.

Tre to me:
(paraphrasing) I’m trying this out on you. I’ve been sampling caviar. Have some fresh bagles made today, I’m going back now to make you a setup. (he exits)

Husband to me:
you must calm down. people are going to stare


a few minutes later, this shows up…

My fellow caviar lovers. This impromptu set up (i had forgotten to make a reservation) was as tasty as all my Paris caviar moments have been. I hope there is more to come. When he offers it up, I will be there. Having a moment.

You would be crazypants not to give yourslef a little indulging.

I may have licked the jar.

Which is why I look like a pufferfish. And it was worth every water-retaining body part I’m sporting this morning.
(that is one full jar of caviar!)

Thank you, Tre!!




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  2. Are we going?

  3. Love that place and its always packed. luck duck

  4. I love that place. and its always packed. lucky duck


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