Think Green

It’s Earth Week!  Be inspired and celebrate!


{ 1 }

Be inspired by NBC:

NBC is promoting “Green is Universal“, so be sure to visit their site and pledge your “one small act”…

it  helps their digital garden grow!

{ 2 }

Be inspired by Art:

Beautiful jewelry made from natural materials fill each page of Living Jewels:  Masterpieces from Nature (available at Nest).

{ 3 }

Be inspired Locally:

Don’t miss out on Earth Day Dallas, the two day event at Fair Park is appropriate for all ages.

Includes live music, a Green Talk speaker series, Earth Yoga, etc…

Even the House of Blues will be know as the “House of Green” for the weekend.

{ 4 }

Be inspired Together:

Chimpanzee by Disney Nature opens Friday… Take your family!

Disney Nature has teamed with the Jane Goodall Institute.  For every person who sees the film during its opening week (April 20-26, 2012), Disney Nature will make a donation to JGI in order to protect chimpanzees and their habitats.

As always, write often.



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