Paris: How We Rolled

Dear Diary,

Sitting in the airline club with Donald winding down after a week in Paris. I’m sad to leave Paris but ready to get to NYC and get to work again. Its a new year and time for some in-house adjustments–in all the houses.

A stack of thank you notes sit ready for the drop on the way to the gate. We are 1/2 way sold through the offers on Gilt City as of this morning.

There is a lot of potential for 2012 and just a little anxiety on my part: how will I manage it all? Better yet, how can I be the best boss I can be. I hate making the decisions that make me “unliked,” but I’m learning. 2011 was a long year of training for me, and the result was welcome, albeit if hard to swallow at times. Now it is time to put all the easy-and hard-learned lessons into practice. I owe that to the people in my life who come to work and play and learn and give, every day.

So looking back on Paris, I’m thankful for a full, wonderful trip.  Here is the overview of how we rolled…

For the full scoop, keep a look out for our traveling finds and tips for your next trip in an upcoming Paper City Dallas.

For now, I’ve got a plane to catch.



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