Dear Diary,

Good night, Monday! Today started with 2 text messages. One letting me know my family and friends were at a hospital awaiting the outcome of an unexpected surgery on a loved one. The second, reminding me that the roller coaster of today would be short lived & that I should keep perspective. Neither had anything to to with the other. Blogs are supposed to be about public persona & positive feedback, but when I get asked out for coffee or lunch by someone wanting to know what it takes to run a successful business, they want the real thing. So here it is: today sucked.

At the end of a long day I realized this, the first obstacle is tragic & heartbreaking. It put into perspective what is truly important in life. We hold on to hope, we pray, we love, and if we are lucky, we have been taught to be “present.” The second obstacle-on the heels of the first, was the tip of the Monday iceberg. What it revealed was an inevitable lack of perspective. One day when it isn’t so raw, I’ll write more about it, but for now I tell you this: stop making things right and wrong. Just live, love, and do. The rest is only your opinion. And truly, who cares about that besides you? (I’m talking to myself of course, who did you think I was referring to?)




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