So, This is New…

I’m trying out my new online diary tonight. Its my first locked entry :)

Something about unloading online, yet not exactly openly is kind of wonderful. I can talk about things coming up, things that really happened–quite honestly, you might be bored, but I’m chalking it up to cheaper therapy, and a place to let anyone who wants to listen, be a sounding board of sorts.

I’m heading out to Paris tomorrow. According to my calendar, I’m in London, with Donald, finding fabulous things for Nest. But in reality I’m at home recovering from probably the worst case of food poisoning I have ever had. Sunday morning about 2 hours before I was set to leave the house it hit, and I couldn’t be more thankful–for the timing that is. I cannot imagine being that sick in transit. Definitely not very glamorous. I was utterly thrilled to agree to document the journey for a Paper City Dallas upcoming issue, but i don’t think that kind of coverage is what they had in mind. Nor was sitting at QuestCare (love them, by the way!) in Snider Plaza with an I.V. drip for half an afternoon. But it happens. And I am ever so glad I clicked that box I almost never usually check: travel insurance. Thank you, Lord!

So for a couple of days working from home, which consists of some of this…

and some of this…

and a litte more…

with some breaks for this…

so I can enjoy a little more of this…

and finally end with this…

…do I have to go tomorrow?

I know. I know…it Paris. I’m supposed to be excited.

I’m sure I will be tomorrow. Maybe I should work from home more!

Anywhoo – signing off from my first Diary entry. That’s exciting. Have a wonderful evening!
Oh and all you friends (you know I love you) stop texting me after you read and leave a darn comment. I like comments, they make me feel special and validated. There, I said it.

I love my new Diary!

baci grandissimi!!




  1. Heather Wiese-Alexander says:

    Merci! Its fun to write :) I’m enjoying keeping up with your blog as well. Love reading what you come up with!

  2. fabulousk says:

    I love this…so fun to be reading your top secret diary. Yay! Glad you’re feeling better. Enjoy Paris!

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