Get Cozy


6 Geese-A-Laying... In honor of those lazy geese, here's my ode to everything lounge-y!!!  :) (Pictured above:  the Grey Pleece Throw, the Giacomo Robe, the Victorian Love Pillow, the Orange Slipper Chair, and the Eye Mask.)  So take a little nap or snuggle up and sip on your favorite coco! Let's get cozy!!! As always, write often. xx -h   More please

Feather Your Nest!


 Thanks to no WiFi on the plane yesterday, the 3 French Hens flew the coop!!! ;) Instead, feather your nest with 4 CALLING BIRDS: 1... Large Bird Bowl. 2 & 3... Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers 4... Join our Flock!!! Follow me on twitter so we can tweet together!!! As always, write often. xx -h More please

Perfect Pairings


Today, I'm inspired by the 2nd Day of Christmas's turtle doves: In my gifting, I've been searching out perfect pairs... like Evolution Man's Wash & Buff, Cleans & Shave, and Moisture Perfect paired with the Dopp Kit Travel Bag.... Or a bottle of my favorite wine paired with one of Nest's fabulous cookbooks (like the American Fashion Cookbook, The Silver Spoon, or More please

One Posh Partridge


Take note:  There are only 12 days till Christmas Eve (everyone knows weekends don't count)!  In reference to the Christmas Carols, currently ringing throughout the office, that makes this the "1st day of Christmas"... on which "my true love gave to me"... Don't miss Bell'Invito's Signature collection of fab treats for the ones you truly love this year!!! As always, More please

Foodie Festivities with Vegetarian Times


Up for some foodie fun?  Check out Vegetarian Time's "All Wrapped Up" article, featuring Nest's Cupa wine glasses!!! They love to be the life of the party... even swirl your favorite wine for you :) So join the festivities, and raise your glasses! 18 more days till Christmas!!! Thanks again to our foodie friends at Vegetarian Times for thinking of us... so excited to More please