Thank You Shop Talk

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Thank you to our friends over at D Magazine for mentioning i-pezzi (Bell'Invito's DIY stationery line) on their blog!!!  I am so excited!!! As always, write often. xx -h More please

Calling All Tech-Savvy Socialites

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Yes, I'll officially verify it, I have been in hibernation for nearly 9 months, but the only thing growing in my belly is anticipation. My baby is ready for BETA testing this week, and you are the first ones to see it in writing. Friends get a password and a discount of appreciation to test drive and give a little love or advice back to me on my latest toy before it is More please

Foodie Festivities with Vegetarian Times


Up for some foodie fun?  Check out Vegetarian Time's "All Wrapped Up" article, featuring Nest's Cupa wine glasses!!! They love to be the life of the party... even swirl your favorite wine for you :) So join the festivities, and raise your glasses! 18 more days till Christmas!!! Thanks again to our foodie friends at Vegetarian Times for thinking of us... so excited to More please

Revering Beauty


I'm so excited to see Bell'Invito featured on VOGUE.COM! "...Seek out the rare and the precious or the simple and perfect—elegance of form, subtlety of color, fineness of workmanship, and quality of materials matter most,” says Stephen Calloway. That's why Bell'Invito is honored to be named alongside Bergdorf Goodman, Birch Books, and L’Objet, as part of Vogue's "Elegant More please

It’s Finally Here!


It's here! It's's finally here! The paper store I've been wanting to put inside Nest for years has finally arrived and it is the tip of the iceberg. So, as you know I own Nest, and I own Bell'Invito–so why the long time coming merger just now? The short answer is twofold. First, when I bought Nest 6 years ago, it was a very different mix. My goal was simple: More please